This module will introduce you to the concepts of Object Management and Library List. You will gain an understanding of how 'code', including programs and files, is managed from the development stage through to the executable stage. You will learn how to create a search path of libraries that can be accessed whenever a job is run on the iSeries platform. You will learn how to use the iSeries 'smart editor', Source Entry Utility (SEU), to code source into the system for programs and DDS etc., that ultimately become application programs and data files.


  • Object Types on the iSeries Platform
  • Characteristics of Objects
  • Understanding Sourse Physical Files
  • Storing the Source Code
  • The Life Cycle of Code
  • The "Library List" Concept
  • The Contents of a Library List
  • Displaying a Library List
  • Default Library List
  • QGPL & QTEMP Libraries on the Library List
  • Using Commands to Maintain a Library List
  • Qualifying vs Unqualifying a Job
  • Source Entry Utility (SEU)
  • Creating a Program or File Using SEU